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Location: 73 Mohican Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801-0578

COVID-19 Management Plan:

Jobsite Protocols

Install proper signage alerting all workers to prioritizing hand hygiene is visible at all jobsite locations.

Ensure workers are following the recommended social distancing guidelines

In-person meetings have been reduced by the maximum extent possible.  If in-person meetings are necessary, workers are to maintain the recommended “social distancing” separation from each other.

Visitors to the jobsite are strictly limited to essential personnel.

Jobsite Cleaning

Hot water cleaning stations are in place at all jobsite locations.

Work area tools, and equipment are cleaned in accordance with CDC and local health department guidance on a regular basis.

Procedure posters have been installed at all jobsites regarding hygiene, respiratory and equipment etiquette. 


The safety of our project personnel is paramount.  We have taken measures to safeguard that no one with confirmed or suspected contact with COVID-19 works onsite, and that our jobsites are safe and maintained in accordance with our contractual obligations and with guidance form public health authorities.

All relevant personnel are encouraged to report to work as long at the jobsite remains open. We are all bound by our responsibilities to the owner as we work through this situation and we appreciate your support as we continue to fulfill our obligations.

Travel Restrictions and Guidance

We are following the recommendations to the CDC and other local agencies for anyone who visits our jobsites or offices.

Travel to locations with widespread COVID-19 outbreaks is prohibited. Should an employee elect to travel to a high-risk area, the employee will not be permitted to return to work until the appropriate quarantine practice has been completed. 

Health Considerations

All office and jobsites have signage onsite instructing any workers who do not feel well to immediately leave the office or jobsite.

Anyone found to have signs of an illness will be asked to immediately leave the office or site and stay home until the illness has passed.


Eligible employees have been setup to telecommunicate when possible. 

Meetings and site visits will be held by Video Conferencing via Microsoft Teams, when possible

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, we have provided guidance on managing jobsites to protect each other and prepare for potential outcomes. This is a rapidly evolving situation and this guidance is subject to change and/or modification.