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We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of Ceco Building Systems.

Celebrating 70 Years

We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of Ceco Building Systems.

President Tim Schrock stated, “As we look towards the future, our success will be determined by following the set of core values we set as what it takes to provide great building solutions every day. They are the commitment to excellence, taking personal responsibility and providing an exceptional customer experience. You will see in the coming months our focus will be not only on improving this experience but measuring our progress. We are launching a voice of the customer program to help us provide the best possible buying experience. Repeat business and recommendations are key indicators to successful organizations. Ceco cannot be successful without our builder’s success and we are committed to making us both successful well into the future.”

Ceco was founded in 1947 as Mitchell Engineering by C.L. Mitchell. It evolved from a small Quonset dealership to a manufacturing enterprise. The company manufactured many of its own components in addition to assembling and erecting standard buildings. Mitchell was the inspiration behind Ceco Building Systems.

In this excerpt piece on the Ceco acquisition of Mitchell Engineering, pride embodies the message. That same pride and spirit of innovation still runs through the fabric of Ceco today.Text...