Sustainable building has become a method for the future. We not only work to preserve the past but we also are building to withstand the future.
If you are thinking about reducing your facility’s environmental impact or saving a building from losing its historical significance then you may want to consider the following sustainable building concepts we can offer you:



   • LEED

Our Specialties:

Our remarkable staff are experts in all phases of new and replacement façade systems. They can execute any project from design to installation and everything in between. Our teams use the best tools to provide our clients with the best product, including building information modeling and laser scanning to avoid field measurement discrepancies. With the best tools and our in-field experience our staff have become proficient in all management and install of any rain screen façade replacement. These systems allow you to salvage the existing building while adding additional energy efficiency to minimize the amount of heat loss in your building.

Adaptive Reuse

    Adaptive Reuse is the process of adapting an old site or building for a purpose other than its original design or use.

    The reuse of these sites has become a practice that is attractive to many clients seeking to lessen their environmental impact.

    By reusing an existing structure the energy to create a new space is saved and the amount of material waste that comes from destroying old sites is minimized.

    Our work can bring a new life to a site while maintaining the original character.

    Our offices are a great example of some of our Adaptive Reuse Project experience.
    73 Mohican Street, currently the office of The VMJR Companies, was renovated from its original purpose of Shop space to our Corporate offices.

    77 Mohican Street was renovated from its original purpose as a Barn to the Corporate offices of Adirondack Construction. (Photo by Randall Perry)